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I feel like I just don't belong anywhere...
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Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place.

I'm Liz (Elizabeth Co, LCSW) and I work with people who
... spend a lot of energy switching back and forth between worlds, depending on where you are and who's around you
... live a life that incorporates multiple viewpoints, communication styles, and values
... feel like you’re always just outside of the group

But that's probably not why you're looking for a therapist, right?

More likely, you're feeling depressed, stuck, stressed,or dealing with trauma. That's what hurts right now. And it can overlap with feeling in-between and disconnected.

So let's connect

You can learn to manage those feelings and get out of the stuck spots. To find your people— the ones who see, hear, and value the whole you. To recognize the bits of your identity that feel most real, the ways of being that resonate, the music, food, smells, and sounds that make you feel most like yourself. To develop your own sense of what belongs in your life.

We're more than the sum of our parts. And you're ready to be one, integral whole who feels like you wherever you are.

photo of Elizabeth Co Therapist Nyack NY

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